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Made to measure

Mediamine’s independent measurement and analysis provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your communication and marketing activities.

Our analysts can carry out an objective qualitative review of your relevant media coverage to reveal underlying trends in your data.

We use human analysts for qualitative analysis because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, their comprehension of complex information is far more adaptable than machines and, in the grey areas, they can explain their decisions.

Quantity vs Quality

Quantitative analysis: provides core volume based metrics such as number of items by source, or media type, the number of times a keyword occurs in an item, or the number items across a date range. These metrics provide insight into activity and where or when it was happening; however, to understand greater detail about an item’s impact on your organisation or brand we have to dig deeper.

Qualitative analysis: allows the unearthing of an item’s sentiment or that of its spokespeople. It identifies chosen key messages have been published either implicitly or explicitly, or if the headline of an item sensationalises the copy beneath. It provides insights into the impact of campaigns or crisis, allies or critics, and is an essential tool to help guide and evaluate communication strategy and performance.

Mediamine then compiles your chosen metrics into Snapshot or Full reports, which are comprised of written summaries and easy-to-read graphical interpretations of data; delivered to your inbox ready to be shared with stakeholders.

Mediamine’s Quality Score Reporting (QSR) takes these metrics to the next level and helps determine the value of media coverage to your organisation.

Whether you are seeking to understand long-term patterns, the impact of a campaign or how you’re stacking up against the competition, independent measuring takes away the myopia and the guess work, which aids better decision making.

  1. Want to take evaluation to the next level? Checkout our Quality Score Reporting methodology.

  2. To find out the benefits of a Snapshot report click here.


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