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Insight into How the World Views Your Product

Adding media analysis to your marketing toolbelt saves you time and offers accurate responses to your brand, company, or industry. Mediamine uses algorithms and human analyses to provide you with marketing tools you didn’t know you needed. You’ll be surprised at the amount of data we can collect on your behalf and summarise in easy to read reporting that provides you with information useful for marketing and brand adjustments.

Tips for getting more value out of media analysis in New Zealand

The first step is hiring an outside firm who has specific knowledge in media mining. These experienced professionals use many tools to scour media sites on your behalf and provide accurate reporting.

  1. Monitor the news and receive reports on your timetable. Instead of wasting time every day scanning different news and social media sites, let professionals with the proper tools tackle that for you and provide you with a summarised report that takes less time and provides you with the information you can act on immediately.

  2. If numbers are your bailiwick, quantitative and qualitative analysis provides you with figures for any reports you need to generate. Our Quality Score Reporting enables you to see where you fit in the industry and allows you to target areas for improvement.

  3. Access a library of news reports going back almost a decade to gather articles for reports or marketing materials. Multiple formats allow you to forward relevant new pieces to individuals or groups easily.

Benefits of media analysis

Searching the Internet to see what people are saying about your brand, company or industry is an exhaustive endeavour where you can easily miss valuable information causing you to employ the wrong marketing angle.

  1. Allowing someone else who focuses solely on media mining and can interpret the findings into accurate reporting saves you time and money. Your employees can focus on other important tasks and eliminate the need for additional personnel to fill the gaps.

  2. Specifically designed algorithms search for keywords you provide, your brand name, or the industry in general to find reporting that allows you to adjust marketing campaigns earlier. The human touch can analyse the feelings generated by media reporting and express those feelings in the generated reports.

  3. You choose the plan that suits your needs the most, or you can create a custom package that includes more analyses to benefit your company better.

How Mediamine can Help Your Company

Spending half your day scouring news sites is time better spent on moving your company forward. Our team searches the same sites you do and others you might not have known to collect and analyse media reports that affect your business. We deliver reports to your inbox at the frequency you dictate so you can quickly feel how the world is reacting to your brand or industry and adjust marketing campaigns immediately.

Give us a call and learn more about how we can help you feel the responses to your campaign for a profitable future.


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