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Plan Your Strategy and Game Plan with Our Competitor Analysis Services

Use our competitor analysis services to understand the competition in your industry and find ways to use that knowledge to your advantage to create new strategies that will help your business and brand get ahead and gain more traction in this digital age. We take the benefits that online presences give us and use that information to provide you with actionable weekly or monthly reports.

Tips for using competitor analysis tools

Our tools will help you analyse the direction that your competitors are taking and will help you decide how to either match or create something that you believe will do better in your industry.

  1. Stay up to date with your competitors. It can be challenging to keep abreast of every piece of advertising, news, and media that comes from your competitors to keep up and surpass them. Fortunately, our competitor analysis tools enable you to keep track of the things they put out into the social world.

  2. Update any outdated content. You may have blog posts, advertisements, or social media posts that are no longer relevant. By comparing your content to that of your competitors, you can figure out what needs to be changed or removed to keep your company on top and current with any public information as well as keeping everyone within the company apprised of any significant changes you need to make.

  3. Use our Newsroom app. In addition to media analysis, we also offer a media monitoring service that allows you to view human-edited reports in an app. This application has been developed to give all our clients an easy way to track analytics, the prominence of your brand, and trends in your market. It always gives you a simple way to share any of your monitored data with important members of staff or clients to make meetings run smoothly. We also have a historic news index which you can access from the app for an index of media items in New Zealand from mid-2012 that you can access at your convenience. If you want to complement our media analysis tools, we recommend calling us to find out about media monitoring.

The importance of competitor analysis services

There are many reasons to consider competitor analysis; we have listed a couple of reasons why we believe it can help your business.

  1. It gives you a chance to identify potential competitors. Your competitors may not always be as apparent as you might imagine; they don’t necessarily have to sell the same product or service as your company does, they may also sell the same impression or vibe that is your aim. Our services can help you figure out which companies you should be monitoring.

  2. Competitor analysis can help you determine what their strategies and objectives to help you focus on targeted advertising knowing precisely what else is out there drawing attention away from your company. Depending on the strategic movements of other companies, you can create a plan for how your marketing strategy will move forward.

Why You Should Come to Mediamine

With 12 years of experience in competitor analysis, we have learned how to give our clients an insight into daily news that enables you to stay on top of your game and understand what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it.

Contact us today for more information or request a trial to test our services for your business.


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