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Brand and Competitor Insights

At Mediamine, we can deliver both insights about your brand and competitor insights, both under the same service umbrella. By monitoring news sources and other online media, we can help you learn more about competitors, understand where your business stands in the scheme of things and draw insights from both to build your company in the future.

Problems Mediamine addresses

When you team up with Mediamine for brand analysis and competitor insights in New Zealand, our goal is to help you solve some of the core problems and pitfalls that businesses face in the modern world. Today, online chatter about your brand can have a very significant impact on reputation, word-of-mouth, and even revenue. Here are some of the challenges we help you navigate on that front:

  1. Not knowing what people are saying about your business: The good news is that most of today’s business leaders understand the importance of online media and how it can impact their bottom line. The bad news is that most business leaders do not have time to monitor media to see what people are saying about their business. At Mediamine, we help you with this task, combing through pages and pages of local news, international news, online blogs and social media comments and compiling them all into easy-to-read reports. By looking through our reports, you can stay aware of your company’s online branding without a massive commitment of time or money.

  2. Being unaware of what your competitors are doing: If you don’t have time to monitor your business, you probably don’t have the time to track competitors. However, knowing what your competitors are doing—knowing about their latest announcements and media mentions—can help you determine where your business stands in relation to theirs. Understanding the context of the industry or market niche you serve is essential for grabbing growth and branding opportunities when they come. By monitoring competitors and industry stakeholders for you, we make sure you have the latest information in hand to drive decisions, marketing efforts and more.

Simply put, we take the pain out of managing your company’s online identity, presence and image.

What you can expect from Mediamine regarding competitor insights

If you’re trying to decide which firm to hire to handle your competitor insights in New Zealand, here are a few factors that set Mediamine apart for this type of service:

  1. Our reports: When you choose Mediamine to monitor your brand, your competitors or both, you can expect quality reports however frequently you need them. We don’t just send you a list of links for you to dig through. Instead, we have trained analysts to compile and edit each report to include not just links to relevant sources, but if you choose to supplement your monitoring with analysis, there are also evaluation metrics to help you understand things like share of voice, brand sentiment, authority and more. Said another way, we don’t just help you monitor online media mentions for you and your competitors; we also help you understand how those mentions affect your business and your goals.

  2. Our end-to-end solutions: Perhaps you just need competitor insights. Maybe you also want to monitor your brand. Perhaps you even wish to help with distributing media releases, so that you can have more control over your online brand. Mediamine can tailor an end-to-end service package for you, to provide everything you want and need.

Mediamine Has been helping businesses understand their branding and competitor insights in New Zealand for 12 years and counting. Our ample experience, combined with our attention to detail and our flexibility to adapt our services to suit different clients, makes us the ideal media monitoring and analysis company for most businesses.


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