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How PR Analysis Can Benefit Your Business

At Mediamine, we’re a PR analysis agency that helps companies across New Zealand understand what their customers think of their products and customer service offering. We can also draw comparisons between your and your competitor’s communications across platforms including search, social media and printed newspapers and magazines. 

What Sets Mediamine Apart Regarding PR Analysis in New Zealand

We’ve been trusted by so many companies to analyse their marketing impact, reputation and PR for over a decade for reasons such as:

  1. We don’t just monitor your impact online: In addition to tracking your performance on search engines, online advertising platforms and social media, we also keep track of your coverage in print media because we understand such platforms can still be a useful way to reach your target market.

  2. All our reports are easy-to-digest actionable: We draw comparisons between you and the competition and use coded metrics and Quality Score Reporting to make sure you can see how to act. We collate quantitative and qualitative data and use our highly advanced tools to generate and refine reports that will prove to be genuinely useful and straightforward to comprehend.

  3. We can create bespoke solutions for our clients: If required, we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our customers. If you want to learn more about our flexible approach to developing analysis services that address your specific issues, don’t hesitate to call our friendly and highly experienced professionals.

Problems PR analysis in New Zealand by Mediamine can address

By identifying any issues in your PR campaigns, you can:

  1. Learn how to improve your online communications: Knowing what your customers think about you is essential in the increasingly competitive world of business. We can track your performance online and analyse your reputation so that you can bolster your branding, improve your communications, enhance your marketing and ultimately boost your bottom line.

  2. Improve your share of voice to outshine the competition: You need to know how much coverage you receive compared to your competitors because it will highlight ways in which you can expand your reach to attract new customers. We gather a share of voice metrics from online and offline sources and present them to you in a human-edited report that allows you to make informed decisions.

  3. Compare your social media activity with your competitors’: We can track social media pages of interest to see how your efforts rack up against the competition. Social media insights are also useful for determining your reputation online. We can uncover data such as how quickly your competitors’ respond to consumers, how they advertise to them and much more.

Why PR Analysis in New Zealand Is Cost-Effective

We aim to remain the best value PR and marketing intelligence agency in New Zealand, and because our services can help you make informed decisions to improve your communications strategies and grow your business, we’re a high-value investment. If you want to learn more about our extensive range of capabilities, don’t hesitate to call us!


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