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Tailored analysis provides important insights

Winston Churchill is credited with saying “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”, and that was at a time when people thought a tweet was just a bird noise!

Looking at today’s relationship between the organisations, media and the public, those words have never been truer as the line between news and entertainment blurs.

Journalists and bloggers constantly scrutinise, with the potential to engage much larger audiences than ever before – in real time. Today’s news is no longer tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper – once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. We know the public’s thinking is heavily influenced by the media, so what the ‘fourth estate’ is saying provides a reliable proxy for public opinion.

Mediamine’s Quality Score Reporting (QSR) is guided by the Barcelona Principles, a set of standards designed to ensure communications professionals’ measurement practices are credible, replicable and transparent. It uses global-standard metrics and methodology to deliver insight into how what the public is being told aligns with your organisation’s goals.

How Quality Score Reporting works

Pre-determined ‘elements of value’ which occur within media items are coded and assigned weighted scores according to their importance to the organisation, resulting in an overall quality score.

QSR helps to quantify your objectives within the story. If your main priority is to ensure your key messages are broadcast, regardless of sentiment, an article that may be considered negative by traditional analysis may in fact be favourable against the objective. QSR unearths this and allows you to better judge the effectiveness of your communications efforts in relation to your overarching goals.

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