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Growing taller by the day

As we hit the ground running for another big year, it pays to look back and take stock. It’s fair to say 2016 overachieved in the provision of big news. Great entertainers left the stage for the last time, the US left the left, nature left its calling card, the UK is trying to leave Europe, and John Key left the building.

With unpredictable change seemingly the new norm, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and let you know that, beyond our perpetual goal to be even better, we’ve no plans for major change.

Despite its distractions, we’ll look back on 2016 fondly as a year of growth and development. We have a great team on board, who love what they do; we’ve grown our customer base by around 35% and have continued to invest wisely in process, product and software to ensure we’re delivering great value to our customers.

Nothing new here!

One of our key takeaways from 2016 is the reinforcement of the age-old mantra: Quality In = Quality Out. This couldn’t be truer with media analysis, where we’ve found ourselves wading through irrelevant coverage to find the gold. For those running campaigns this year, we highly recommend getting your evaluation strategy set early and monitor before you evaluate.

Monitoring allows you to regularly review and refine the media set for analysis; it provides insights for the analysis to validate and it ultimately it ensures you get the best value from the process.

  • Monitor to efficiently gather media items for review.

  • Review to fine tune the media set for analysis.

  • Measure to understand the quality of the coverage.

This year will see further improvements in Newsroom, allowing users to review analysis data. Users will be able to export their analysis data as it is coded by our independent analysts and, eventually, view up-to-date data visualisations.

Furthermore, our Snapshot Report is a new measurement offering – a cost effective, customisable one-page analysis report. This is perfect for the boardroom.

  • Read more about quality data.

  • Learn more about Newsroom here.

  • Find out more about measurement by reading our blog.


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