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Comparing apples with apples – setting benchmarks

Measurement is a comparative tool; it’s difficult to determine whether results are positive or negative without any context. For example, how can you measure increases in advocacy if you don’t know how many advocates are typically quoted in your media coverage?

Mediamine’s retrospective media index stretches back to mid-2012, covering a vast volume of New Zealand and international media sources. The team at Mediamine will analyse relevant retrospective data for your organisation, creating a benchmark against the metrics you want to use going forward, which can then be used to set goals and measure against.

Benchmarking is also useful in refining the metrics for your media evaluation campaign. Strengths and weaknesses in how your brand and key messages are being portrayed in the media can be identified, and highlighted in further analysis. Likewise, metrics which don’t offer relevant insights in relation to your goals can be excluded, saving time and money.

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