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Understand What Is Going on in Your Market with Our Industry Analysis

Regular industry analysis reports are a must for any growing business. If you want to capture a greater portion of market share, beat your competitors or drive growth and revenue, you frankly cannot do it without understanding the market in which your business exists.

The benefits of our industry analysis in New Zealand

At Mediamine, we are incredibly proud to offer services for industry analysis in New Zealand. We monitor online media—including news, blogs and social media—to help you understand more about the marketplace. Benefits of this service include:

  1. An understanding of industry trends: What is the ‘next big thing’ in your industry? Where is the industry going? Which patterns are on the downswing and which ones are on the rise? Mediamine can watch the market for you and report back on trends, so that you can plan your next move accordingly.

  2. Knowledge of where you (and your competitors) stand: How is your brand perceived in the industry? What is your share of the market? Do you need to do damage control to fix some branding flubs, or is your reputation in good shape? Mediamine can monitor your brand mentions online—and your competitor mentions—to help you understand where you (and they) stand at this moment in time.

  3. Valuable insights for media strategy: Marketing, PR and branding can’t function correctly without a thorough understanding of the landscape. By providing your business with insights about the industry, about your competitors and your company’s public perception, we give you the tools you need to plot a smart communications strategy.

Related services we provide to industry analysis

How does Mediamine keep you aware of industry trends and branding concerns? Here are some of the services we provide to help your business:

  1. Human-edited reports: We compile reports about your brand and your industry, provide useful links to relevant media sources and pull all this information into a valuable, human-edited resource that arrives in your inbox daily, weekly, or however frequently you ask for it. Because a trained analyst edits each report—rather than automated through a service such as Google Alerts—you get only the most relevant information.

  2. Easy sharing of insights: Some of our clients just want their insights emailed to one business leaders or communications director. Others want the option of sharing those details with stakeholders or entire marketing teams. Our Newsroom service makes it easy for you to review your reports, refine them into information you want to share and then send them out in email blasts to specific audiences.

  3. Useful data analysis: What does the information we are giving you really mean for your brand? We offer a Measure service that employs quantitative and qualitative analysis strategies to help you understand the data behind media chatter and industry trends.

Why Mediamine Is Cost-Effective

When you choose Mediamine to handle your industry analysis in New Zealand, you get to tailor your monitoring, analysis and reporting services to suit your company specifically. Instead of paying money for service packages that include things you neither want nor need, you can set things up to match your needs perfectly. To learn more about this cost-effective solution, contact us today.


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