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Think S.M.A.R.T with Mediamine

Having clearly defined goals dramatically improves your chances of success and the same rule applies in communications.

Using the SMART goals approach is a good starting point.

Specific: Make sure the goal is clearly defined and well understood by everybody involved. Increasing share of voice is a good goal, but to really nail it down, add more detail, such as increased share of voice against selected organisations within the a specific region by xx%.

Measurable: Ensuring the goal is measurable is a must. With a benchmark, measuring the change in share of voice is straightforward through a combination of media monitoring and analysis.

Achievable: Be realistic – if you set a goal too high, it doesn’t matter how much work you and your team put in – you’ll never achieve it. Validate your goal against the benchmark and amend as required.

Relevant: How is the goal relevant to your organisation? If increasing your organisation’s exposure within your identified region’s media will benefit sales or better promote key messages, the goal is relevant.

Timeframe: This is arguably one of the most important steps. Setting a timeframe not only provides you and your team with motivation; without it, the goal is meaningless as there is no finish line.

You’re not limited to a Mediamine share of voice report. Our metrics can help you measure and track almost any communications related goal. Not only that, we’ll provide you with quantitative proof that shows you’ve achieved your goal – handy when it comes to performance meetings with senior management!


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