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Add value for your members in 2016

Why is media monitoring important to me? You don’t drive to work with your eyes closed, and most organisations can’t operate effectively without keeping up to date with the latest industry news.

Decision-making processes are often influenced by media. With so much information now available online, and the ease with which engaged individuals can publish their opinions in comment sections and social media, media monitoring is more critical than ever.

At its most basic level, media monitoring gives organisations insight into what the public is being told about their industry and competition – this in turn can act as a proxy for what they may be thinking.

Media monitoring is a cost-effective way to gain business intelligence that can help guide future decisions by providing a better understanding of how your industry is being perceived.

The New Zealand Taxi Federation’s executive director Roger Heale says Mediamine’s monitoring and analysis services are invaluable.

“We don’t have a huge support staff, so it is really useful having a service like Mediamine do the heavy lifting for us,” says Roger. NZTF has also gleaned important insights into taxi industry competitor, Uber. To find out more, click here.

Why choose Mediamine? Mediamine filters more than 150,000 news articles and social media items a day from both online and print sources. Our trained analysts can help you develop relevant keyword filters to generate your reports. They can also edit them to ensure no irrelevant items are included (or relevant ones are missed). Reports can then be distributed directly to stakeholders or adapted for different groups.

We use human analysts because, no matter how fancy an algorithm, computers cannot assess language and read its intent as well as people can.

For organisations with available resource and specific keyword criteria, Mediamine Auto provides unedited coverage related to that criteria. Users can then collate and distribute bespoke reports in Mediamine’s Newsroom application.

For more details on how Mediamine works, click here.

The deeper insight In addition to our monitoring services, we offer media analysis tailored to your requirements. Using a combination of standard qualitative and quantitative metrics, our analysis provides organisation-specific statistical insight that cuts through the myopia endemic in any organisation and allows objective decision-making.

  1. See how Roger Heale and the New Zealand Taxi Federation have tracked the public’s response to Uber, here.

  2. To find out more about how Mediamine could work for you, click here.


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