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Local Government Media Monitoring & Insights

Start any time in 2024 & GET 2 MONTHS FREE*

Media Monitoring and Insight Solutions

Acquire valuable insights into ongoing policy development, bolster decision-making support, foster community engagement, and swiftly pinpoint emerging issues or crises. Such insights empower your team to make informed decisions, refine strategies, and proactively address community needs.

Mediamine is New Zealand's only 100% owned media monitoring and analysis agency providing comprehensive media coverage and insights.

Online, Print, Broadcast, Social

A dedicated account analyst will work with you to identify and manage key search criteria and ensure your reports consist of relevant news.


Curate and distribute

Curate coverage and redistribute with ease from your desktop or mobile in Newsroom Portal.


Curate and distribute

Mediamine’s analysts assess a range of media metrics specific to your analysis goals. 


We use qualitative and quantitative analysis to extract detailed insight from your organisation’s media coverage.



Terms & Conditions: 


Start any time in 2024 & get 2 months free; Offer available until June 30 2024; *Contracts must be signed by June 30 2024; Offer only available with a 12-month contract; Offer only available to local government organisations.


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