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Media analysis interactive dashboard

Interactive and transparent visual reports of media coverage

IQ2 reporting lets you interrogate media coverage data, drill through to the original source item and create visuals for stakeholder and board reporting

Our IQ2 interactive dashboard has the flexibility to drill down and interrogate your data. In doing so, it creates a clearer picture of the trends in your organisation’s media coverage.


Our independent analysts code qualitative and quantitative metrics from your media coverage.

Once coded, Quality score can be calculated and the data is reviewed and published to our easily accessible IQ2 platform on a regular basis so you can track the impact of events or campaigns as they unfold.

IQ2 Dashboard Benefits:

  • Complete confidence in the data presented

  • Stay up to date with trends in your media coverage

  • All analysis stored in one place

  • Board-room ready report saving you time gathering and analysing data

IQ2 Features:

Data visualisation reports
  • Interactive Data and Visualisations

customisable dashboards
  • Customisable Dashboards

  • Complete Data Transparency

data trends report
  • Visual Summary of Data and Trends

Search data
  • Flexibility to Interrogate Data

Weekly, monthly published reports
  • Reviewed and Published Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Custom


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