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Measuring PR

Get Accurate Answers Through Measuring PR

Our analysis company will help you with measuring PR so you can know whether your business campaign is successful. We provide a human-edited service with statistical insights that we deliver to you in a professional report. Our trained analysts use a wide range of sources to get the most accurate information to help provide solutions to your business problems.

What You Can Expect from Mediamine and Measuring PR in New Zealand

We tailor our reports with data that is relevant to your brand.

  • You can opt for a custom package: We cover the gap that some analysis companies leave with our wide range of options for businesses needing to distribute media releases and then analyse its effectiveness. While most of our monitoring work is with online media, we also will search print forms, and our reports will also contain the relevant links to media coverage.
  • We provide you with statistical measurements: We use standardised quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to give you easy to understand insight into your brand. Where possible, you will receive a Quality Score weighting to answer your questions of how you are portrayed in the media.
  • Our analysis is human edited: We have experienced and skilled analysts who ensure that your data and report is relevant to your needs. You will receive a board-ready report with statistical insight and a written summary of your business campaign. This information will help you to make decisions when planning for your future.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Measuring Your PR

To get more out of media monitoring and analysis consider these tips:

  • Ensure you measure what matters: It can be easy to want to count everything, yet you will get the most value out of measuring what is impacting your business. We use a wide range of sources to help track your reputation, relevant news, issues and competitors.
  • What you measure needs to have an action attached: Whether the information you receive in your report is positive or negative, you need to ensure that you address it and determine the next step for your business. Our analysis will reveal if you need to come up with new ways of reaching your audience or if your successful campaign can be a model for the future. We help to remove assumptions when it comes to making decisions for your brand.
  • Quantity will not always trump quality: Consider your target audience when setting communication goals. You need to ensure that your media release has an impact rather than being overlooked and forgotten. When evaluating your analysis report, look at what made an impact rather than how much work you did.

About Mediamine

We are an online media monitoring company who will analyse the information that is most relevant to your business and goals. We take the stress out of measuring PR so that you can focus on making the hard decisions with the data we provide. Our company will also provide custom requests so you can find the answers you require. Contact us today to book your analysis trial.