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Marketing Assessment

Assign Marketing Assessment to a Focused Firm for Media Analysis

Gathering data on how consumers feel about you, your product, or your industry, is where a marketing assessment can provide valuable benefits. Mediamine does precisely what the name says – media mine. We scour the world of media for news and blogs to hear what people are saying about your business so you can develop marketing strategies to either combat the negative or promote the positive.

Benefits of Marketing Assessment in New Zealand

Keeping up with current trends and feedback is a time-consuming endeavour, and most companies don’t have the personnel to handle it full-time. Hiring an external firm that provides quick results helps you plan.

  • Our reports contain actionable metrics: we can code metrics to help you analyse the competition, track your reputation and see where improvements can be made. We can code media evaluation metrics and align them to your business outcomes. We also utilise what we call Quality Score Reporting (QSR) to ensure we place the right value on the metrics that are most relevant to your company.
  • Hiring an outside firm to collect and analyse market media for you frees up employees for other tasks and eliminates the expense of hiring additional staff to perform this task. The cost savings combined with valuable data prepares you for upcoming marketing expenses based on findings.
  • You can choose a single form of data collection and analysis or create a custom plan that incorporates additional formats that provide the analysis you require. Any option is a step forward towards learning how consumers feel about your product.

The Importance of Marketing Measurement in New Zealand

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace requires accurate information received in a timely fashion. Our services keep you abreast of current market activity as it relates to your brand.

  • We filter local and international news including blogs and social media that mention your brand, or specific keywords to provide reports that let you know what is being said about you and your company or the industry in general. You dictate the frequency of reporting and how you receive it.
  • For qualitative and quantitative analysis of media reporting, our standardised system provides statistical insights to give you quality score reporting. These reports offer you quick tracking of media reports affecting your brand, business, or industry for a prompt reaction when necessary.
  • Search prior media reports for use in current or future marketing campaigns. Our library contains indexed new items related to your brand, business, and industry that you can export to multiple formats for your convenience.

About Mediamine

We have been gathering and reporting since 2012 and continue to search all new sites, blogs and social media for responses directed towards your venture. Using these reports, you can see how you fare against the competition to optimise your communications and gain the upper hand.

Stop wasting valuable time and money searching for answers we can provide quickly and succinctly. Contact us to learn more about our services and how they will benefit your company.