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Market Intelligence

Mediamine Provides Handy Market Intelligence to Help Businesses Thrive

At Mediamine, we provide something unique: market intelligence that helps you keep up with what consumers are saying about your business, to help you identify areas you need to work on and strengths on which you should focus. It’s never been easier for consumers to compare options before deciding to buy, which means that your business has to stay one step ahead. Mediamine can help you do that.

Benefits of Market Intelligence in New Zealand

In today’s competitive business world, it only makes sense to shift your approach to a more customer-centric one. Here are some of the most important advantages of market intelligence services.

  • Qualitative vs quantitative data. A blend of both types of data will give you the best understanding of your customers. By capturing online news from a wide range of sources, we can provide with the information you need regarding your reputation, potential issues, competitors and relevant news.
  • Consumer insights. When it comes to consumer insights, it’s essential to have clean, reliable data. We can provide you with the useful and relevant information you need.
  • Audience insights. Creating different audience groups makes it easier to understand the topics discussed and language used, the trending topics and how people are connected.

What You Can Expect from Mediamine Regarding Market Intelligence in New Zealand

When you work with Mediamine, you can be confident that you’re getting a reliable, quality service with results you can trust. It’s our job to help your business achieve more. Some of the things you can expect from us include:

  • Custom solutions. We tailor our human-coded evaluation metrics to your organisation’s needs to reveal insights and trends in media coverage. We have fulfilled a wide range of custom requests and can provide a solution for you, too.
  • A variety of metrics. We use metrics such as sentiment, share of voice, authority and brand prominence to paint a picture of how your business is being portrayed. Others, such as spokespeople, key message and topics show the success of your strategies and campaigns.
  • A user-friendly, interactive dashboard. Our app allows viewers to easily understand the metrics and related media coverage.

Why Trust Mediamine Regarding Market Intelligence

Mediamine is an online media monitoring company that got its start in 2007 in Wellington, New Zealand. Our service captures online news from a variety of sources to help you track your reputation and stay on top of relevant news and issues. We provide you with quality data to help you stay aware of how media coverage is supporting your business’s progress toward its goals. We are unique in our industry, offering human-edited online media reports and analysis. We also offer the flexibility of bespoke solutions for clients with specific needs not covered by other companies. Contact Mediamine today to learn more.