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Mediamine provides me with a comprehensive, relevant view of local and global internet media coverage about our brands, our markets and our competitors. It also includes a range of industry-specific website news, all in a single document, which saves me time and can be circulated throughout the company.

Campbell Naish – Marketing Manager

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  • Media Analysis:

    Mediamine offers qualitative and quantitative media analysis to provide organisations with comprehensive media intelligence, which allows accurate development and evaluation of media strategies and campaignsmore »

  • Our point of difference:

    All of our daily and weekly reports are human-read for relevance, saving you time and frustrationmore »

  • Flat-fee Pricing:

    Our very competitive flat-fee pricing adds certainty to your budgets. We’re not incentivised to send you irrelevant contentmore »

  • Mediamine Auto:

    Mediamine offers Auto notifications delivered direct to your inboxmore »

Online media monitoring and analysis are crucial for any business wanting to follow its online reputation, track an issue, monitor competitors’ activities and keep up to speed with relevant industry news.

As newspapers, radio and TV news media join blogs and social networks on the web, the importance of monitoring online coverage is rapidly increasing. The Mediamine service monitors all of these broadcast news media, along with news pages on almost any website, keeping you up to date with clients’, competitors’, suppliers’ and your own relevant news.

Media analysis takes monitoring to the next level, offering quantitative and qualitative insight into media coverage through comprehensive news analysis.


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